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Actually the Maya were the ones who invented the calender which I learned in social studies with my 5th grade teacher in Mae M. Walters Elementary HI FRIENDS

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Q: What did the Acient Egyptians invent to track time?
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How did egyptians keep track of time at night?

Left a candle burning with sections marked off to show the passage of time.

Did Irish people invent beer?

No. Beer has been around for thousands of years and was brewed by the ancient Egyptians in the time of the Pharaohs.

Who invented carrier pigeons?

Jake Vincent invent the carier pigion in 2013

Who were the strongest in acient time?


Who were the strongest acient time?


What did soldiers in Ancient Egypt do in their free time?

When soldiers had free time in acient Egypt from their dutys of serving their supperior officors it was know that they used to gather together in a fellow soldiers house and have a so called orgy but bat in acient time they just called it apulto nama acient egyption for gathering of sex.

Why was the time between May and September important to the Egyptians?

It was so important cause they had to keep track of the flooding cycles of the Nile River

Who inspired Benjamin Banneker to invent the clock?

He didn't invent it, but improved on it. Clocks have been in use for thousands of years. The Chinese had a water clock and by the 1300's in Europe there were candles to measure time. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians had clocks as well.

Where does the name hermine come from?

a british name from acient time

How is your life different to egyptians life?

We don't mummify our families and take their brains out through their nostrils. If you do, please invent a time machine and go back in time to 5550 BC - 3100 BC (anywhere during that period of time will do).

What did the ancient egyptians invent to keep track of records?

They invented the 365-day calendar. They used the Sun to keep track of the days throughout the years. They divided the year into 3 seasons of 4 months. Each month had 30 days. Their year had 360 days. The ancient Egyptians also used shadow clocks. The first ones were obelisks. The moving shadows formed a kind of sundial to help tell time. The sundial was then used very often since.

What did ancient egyptians invent to tell time?

Ancient Egyptians built a sundial which has a stick in the middle casting a shadow behind it telling the point of the sun A.K.A. time of day. I want to answer more questions so count on me to answer them ill do my 2 minute research and done. Kevin G. out. P.S. Hi Kaylin and Evelyn!!