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He becomes pure and is forgiven for killing his wife and sons.

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Q: What happens after Hercules completes the 12 Labors?
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How many labors did hecules have?

Hercules had 12 labors

What accomplishments did Hercules have?

The 12 labors

Performed 12 labors of penance?

Hercules, son of Zues, had to preform the 12 labors

How many labors was Hercules known?


How many labors was Hercules Known for?


What happens to Hercules when Hera sends madness to possess him?

Hercules murders his family. Then, afterward, realizing in horror at what he did, he was prompted to undertake the '12 Labors'.Hercules kills his children and his wife, Megara.

Who had to perform 12 labors in Greek mythology?


What are some heroic acts by Hercules?

the 12 labors:)

How did Hercules get his strength?

To perform his 12 labors.

Which Greek hero performed 12 labors?


Who were Hercules helpers in 12 labors?

lauren jones

The demi god who was told to complete 12 labors?

Heracles (Greek) Hercules (Roman) had to complete 12 labors.