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They invented string, the wheel and alcohol during the paleolithic period.

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Q: What is the most valuable skill that prehistoric people learned during the Paleolithic period?
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During the Paleolithic Age humans learned to?

Make tools =)

What has the author Ariane M Burke written?

Ariane M. Burke has written: 'Prey movements and settlement patterns during the upper Paleolithic in southwestern France' -- subject(s): Hunting, Prehistoric, Paleolithic period, Prehistoric Hunting

Did prehistoric people migrate to the Americas during the Paleolithic Era?

Yes they did, in order to go to the Americas they crossed over a land bridge between Russia and Alaska(present day).

How do you use Paleontology in a sentence?

It was a remarkable project, and the book instantly became a valuable contribution to paleontology. The scientific study of fossils is known as paleontology.

When was cavemen here?

The prehistoric cavemen lived sometime between two million and two thousand years ago. This was during the Paleolithic Era extending from two million to 10,000 B.C.

What is The Prehistoric Peoples?

Prehistoric peoples refers to ancient human populations that lived before written records were kept. They existed during the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic periods, using stone tools and eventually developing agriculture and settling in communities. Studying prehistoric peoples helps researchers understand human evolution and early civilization.

Was hunting invented during the Paleolithic or neolithic era?

In the paleolithic era.

Did people trade during the Neolithic or Paleolithic era?

Yes, people did trade during the Neolithic and Paleolithic eras. Archaeological evidence shows that there was long-distance trade of goods such as obsidian, shells, and other resources between different communities. This trade helped facilitate communication, cultural exchange, and the circulation of valuable resources among different groups.

What type of man where in the Paleolithic era?

Homo sapiens and Homo neandertal both lived during the latter part of the Paleolithic era.

Did the early man farm during the Paleolithic age?

yes early man did farm durin the paleolithic age

What types of technology were there during the paleolithic era?


How do you use paleolithic era in a sentence?

During the Paleolithic era, early humans relied on hunting and gathering for their survival.