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Some trades that started during the Neolithic age:

  • Gardening/farming
  • Domestication of animals, herding flocks
  • Pottery (late neolithic)
  • Artistry
  • Metallurgy
  • Writing
  • Merchantry
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The period when civilizations began to develop is sometimes called the

Is a meerkat domesticated

Where is the village of Jericho located in present day

What people's trades began during the Neolithic Age

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Q: What people's trades began during the Neolithic Age?
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Which peoples trades began in the neolithic age?

a,c, and d

What trade began during the Neolithic Age?

Some trades that started during the Neolithic age:Gardening/farmingDomestication of animals, herding flocksPottery (late neolithic)ArtistryMetallurgyWritingMerchantry

What revolution change took place during the Neolithic age?

The Agricultural Revolution began during the Neolithic. People began growing crops and domesticated sheep, goats, cattle, and pigs.

Which of the people trades begin during the neolithic age?

I am not exactly sure how to answer this because the question was probably a typo but people began to trade with other areas of people instead of just the people in your cave or shelter

What did man began to do During the Neolithic Revolution?

farm and domesticate animals

When did the neolithic age start?

The neolithic age began in the 10,000 BC's

What discovery began the neolithic age?

the discovery that started the neolithic age was farming

Name the archeological site in England began that begun during the neolithic age completed the bronze age?

the stonehenge

What was the age when farming began?

The Neolithic Age.

When did the Neolithic Revolution begin?

It is surmised that the Neolithic Revolution began about 10,000 BC. It was at about this time that people began living in villages and cultivating crops.

How did people lives change as they began to domesticate animals and grow plants during the Neolithic Period?

they did not travel as much or as far

Who started farming?

Farming began during the Neolithic revolution. It was the large switch from hunting and gathering to agriculture in small villages.

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