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If you are referring to Augustine of Hippo's mother's her name was "Saint Monica".

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The mother of Saint Augustine of Hippo was Saint Monica.

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Q: What was St. Augustine of Hippos's mother's name?
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What was St. Augustine's real name?

st. Augustine Latin name is AURELIUS AUGUSTINUS.

What was Saint Augustine's father's name?

The answer depends upon which Saint Augustine you are referring to. If you mean St. Augustine of Hippo, his father's name was Patricius.

Is St. Augustine Florida named after St. Augustine of Hippo?

Yes, the city is named for St. Augustine of Hippo.

What is the correct name of scrambled letters of st ganituuse?

st. Augustine

What city name is from the scrambled letters of st. naigusti?

The scramble is missing an e, since naigustie is Augustine, for St. Augustine, FL.

How far is St Augustine Airport to St Augustine Beach?

The St John's County/St Augustine Airport is located about 8 miles from St Augustine Beach.

Why was st. Augustine named after Augustine of hippo?

The city of St. Augustine in Florida was named after the religious figure St. Augustine of Hippo, who was an influential Christian theologian and philosopher. Spanish explorers chose to name the city after him upon landing on the shores of Florida in the 16th century.

What is the name of a sainted theologian?

For starters, St. Augustine of Hippo and St. Thomas Aquinas.

What was the name of the French Huguenot settlement in Florida?

St. Augustine

What is the name of a fort for Spanish settlers?

It is a presidio.

How did Saint Augustine get its name?

St Augustine was named by its initial Spanish settler, Pedro Ménendez de Avilés, after the patron saint of his hometown, Avila, Spain. In Spanish, it was originally called San Agustín.

Who was Monica in St. Augustine's Confesions?

St. Monica is the mother of St. Augustine.