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Q: What was the ancient use for iron?
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What did ancient Mesopotamians use as weapons?

The ancient Mesopotamians used compound bows with arrowheads of stone and eventually bronze or iron.

What did ancient Sparta use instead of money?

Bares of iron, they looked like cores, or dowels

Who and when was iron discovered?

Iron was first discovered in ancient times by ancient Egyptians around 5000-3000 BC. The exact individual credited with the discovery of iron is unknown, but the use of iron became widespread during the Iron Age, roughly around 1200 BC.

Why did the Assyrians iron weapons?

Those were primitive governments. As the world was divided, battles have been fought. People have been using Iron since ancient times predating the use of steel which uses iron as its base.

Did ancient kush use iron wpons?

Yes they did. The third capital Meroe was a major centre of iron working They def. had iron from at least 600 BC or so because archaeologist found an iron spear (the iron was covered in gold) in Pharaoh Tarhaqa's tomb at Nuri

Did the ancient Romans have iron?


How did the Hittites in Ancient Times conquer other civilizations in the middle east?

Their soldiers were the first to adopt the use of iron weapons.

Who discovered the element iron-?

Iron has been known since ancient times and was one of the first metals to be used by humans. It was likely discovered by early civilizations through the natural occurrence of iron in its metallic form.

How did ancient Egyptians use iron?

Iron eventually replaced bronze tools such as axes, chisels, fishing hooks and arrow heads but it required a lot of work since they did not have the ability to heat the iron to more than 1500 degrees.

What were javelins made out of in the ancient Olympics?


How was iron used in ancient times?

Iron was used for Weapons and Shields also for Armor.

Who developed a way of making iron strong enough to use for weapens?

The process of making iron strong enough to use for weapons was developed by ancient civilizations, such as the Hittites and Egyptians, through a technique called carburization. This involves adding carbon to the iron to create steel, which is stronger and more durable than pure iron.