What would hera eat?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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All of the Gods has a special type of food or drink known by some as "The Nectar of the Gods".

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Q: What would hera eat?
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Why did Zeus eat Hera?

he didnt

Would it be worse to anger Hera or Ares?


Why did the Nemean lion eat people?

It was at Hera's request.

What bad thing would Zeus do to upset his wife Hera?

he would cheat on hera with other immortal or mortal women . he would not tell her about the affairs but hera wouldn't care much. i say hes a manhore

What is the nose name of Hera?

There is no Nose/Norse name for Hera. Her equivalent goddess would be Frigg.

Where was the name hera pais originated from?

The epithet "Pais" which means young or virginal, is one that signifies Hera prior to her marriage to Zeus. Since the gods were omnipresent, Hera was simultaneously a virgin, wife, mother and window.Young women who intended to marry one day would pray to Hera Pais, then, once married they would pray to Hera Teleia. Later, when they were widowed, they would pray to Hera Chere.-Indiriel---------Hera is a Greek goddess, the Queen of Olympus.Pais is a red wine grape.

What does goddess Hera eat and drink?

well she eats ambrosia, the god's food.

Who did kronos eat?

Zeus siblings hestia, hera, poesiden, hades, Demeter

What would Hera the greek goddess be like if she were human?

Hera would have the same personality traits as a human as she does as a goddess. She would be keen on marriage and honesty, but she would be one jealous person.

How is Hera's powers a threat?

Hera is a goddess. Hera is the Queen of Olympus, thus making her the equal to Zeus. Most of the gods and goddesses would do her bidding to earn favor with her.

What would hera do if she was mortal?

Hera would make sure all lands were safe and bring peace to the skies and mothers, babies, and all women.

What were Hera associates?

Hera was known by all mortals and immortals as the Queen of Heaven, and most would do her bidding if asked.