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They built temples to the gods.

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Q: Where do Greeks go to pray to there gods?
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Did the Greeks pray for sickness to go away?

Yes, as we do today - the difference being in what gods and goddesses they appealed to for health.

How often did ancient Greeks pray?

Each city had temples for the gods.

How often did the Greeks pray to the gods?

Well, I don't think anybody knows

What did the Greeks do to try and ensure that the gods and goddesses would protect them?

The greeks would pray to which ever god or give the a peace offering

What two things did the Greeks learn from trading with other people?

they learned how to pray to their diffrent gods

Did the Greeks pray to the gods?

The gods of Greece were worshipped for many years. At the present time a fraction of the Greek population still prays to these same gods. The greek government has prohibited their ceremonies at the ancient temples.These gods worshiped then and now, are as real as any other modern day gods.

Can you tell me what do the Egyptians go to pray?

the temple of the gods

Are there any books Greeks used to pray to the gods?

Of course! Those books where pretty much Greek versions of bibles.

Who came up with the gods first the Greeks or Romans?

i think its best to go with the Greeks

Is Mount Olympus in heaven?

no it is the Greeks gods home- no mortals go there, it is only a land for gods and demi gods.

Did dead Greeks go to mount Olympus?

no, only gods and goddesses

Why is the Golden Temple special to Sikh people?

people go to pray there gods