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Menes is the King who united Upper and Lower Egypt.

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i come from Egypt and i know that there were many kings of lower Egypt through the ages

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Q: Who first united upper and lower Egypt?
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Who united the upper and lower Egypt?

King Menes united upper and lower Egypt

What are the names of the two kingdoms in Egypt?

There was Upper and Lower Egypt in pre-dynasty but these were united when the first pharaoh, Narmer, came to power. Since then they had been united.

How were Upper and Lower Egypt united?

If legend says that king Narmer united upper and lower Egypt some historians think Narmer actually represents several kings....

What king united Egypt into one kingdom?

Menes (Narmer) king of Upper Egypt united the two kingdoms in around 3000BC. (Upper Egypt was united with Lower Egypt, that is the White Crown was united with the Red Crown.)

Who was the first king to unite upper and lower Egypt?

The first pharaoh to have united the "two lands" of Upper and Lower Egypt was said to have been King Narmer in 3000 b.c. Thereafter the pharaoh of Egypt was represented wearing a double crown (cat. no. 50a) that combined the white crown of Upper Egypt (cat. no. 26) and the red crown of Lower Egypt (cat. no. 51). Other symbols of the unification of the two lands are combined on the royal regalia: from Lower Egypt, the cobra or uraeus and from Upper Egypt, the vulture.I hope that answered your question!the pharaoh that united Egypt is not called narmer in fact there was no such person that ruled us and they united in 1554 bc and the crown was red and white and i think the phaoroah that united Egypt was called Atem (توم .i hope this gves a btter understanding of the question you asked