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Zeus, judging by how many mortal lovers he had, probably loved the humans most out of the gods.

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Q: Who loves mankind the most in Greek myth?
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Why do you have troubles according to mythology?

It depends on which mythology; in Greek Myth, on earth all the evils of mankind was released by Pandora.

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the Oddyssey

How do you capitalise Greek myth?

Greek Mythology or Greek Myth.

Is scorpius a Greek or roman myth?

Greek myth

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Is Orion's myth Greek or roman?

it is a greek myth.

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What did Pandora the greek god brag about or accomplish?

Pandora was not a Greek god. She was the first woman, according to Greek myth, and with her, she brought all the plagues, woes and illnesses with her in a box. Her curiosity getting the better of her, she opened the box, released hardship on mankind.

Is this a Greek or roman myth how do you know?

It is a Greek myth if written by a Greek in Greek, or stated to be originating with the ancient Greek people. It is a Roman myth if written in Latin by a Roman citizen.

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Her arrows and golden bow is most often told about in Greek myth.

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Vulcanize has no meaning in Greek myth

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