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Q: Why did the 2 kings do In Sparta?
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who had 2 kings Athens or Sparta?


Who were Sparta's 2 kings?

Sparta doesnt have kings he is to epic to have anyone boss him around. FOO!

What were the names f the 2 kings in Sparta?

amal shahzoda

What was the 2 kings of Sparta responsibilities?

one would go to war and the other won would pretect Sparta

Was Athens governed by two kings?

No - Sparta had two kings.

Who rules Sparta?

Sparta was ruled by two hereditary kings. This meant that the kings were not related to each other, but their titles were passed down to their sons. Sparta also had a council of elders who advised the kings.

In greek mythology who is the king of Sparta?

There were lots of kings of Sparta. Sparta actually was required to have two kings for most of its ancient history. I think that you are refering to Homer's Sparta. Menelaus was the king of Mycenean Sparta.

Which city was ruled by two kings and a council Athens or Sparta?

Sparta was ruled by two kings and its council, the Gerousia.

What was the primary responsibility of Sparta's 2 kings?

War leaders, and religious ceremonial duties.

Who was in charge of Sparta's government?

Sparta had two kings and a council of elders.

Did Sparta have a limited democracy?

Sparta had a limited democracy. Sparta had two kings who ruled the city-state. They also had a 28 member council which could limit the power of the kings.

Did Sparta or Athens have two kings?

im pretty sure Sparta did but i don't know about Athens i know people in Athens could vote but i remember looking it up and Athens did still have kings take it from me the ATHENS GEEK!