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Odysseus fought and killed the suitors because they were courting his wife, Penelope. They dared to court the wife of a man who was still alive, and who had fought bravely for his country. Some of them did not even care much for Penelope but simply wanted the title of King of Ithaca.

They also impoverished his home by abusing his family's hospitality. In Mycenaean Greece, might made right, and Odysseus was right.

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Q: Why does Odysseus kill the suitors?
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What does Odysseus and Telemachus do to get rid of the suitors?

they kill the suitors

How does Odysseus get rid of the suitors?

Odysseus, his son, and the loyal staff kill all the suitors.

What do the suitors do after Odysseus kills Antinous?

The suitors, still not realizing that this is Odysseus, threaten to kill Odysseus, thinking the murder was a mistake.

How many suitors did Odysseus kill?

The exact number is not given, but Odysseus killed the majority of the 108 suitors.

How does Eruymachus stop Odysseus from killing all the suitors?

Eruymachus doesn't stop Odysseus, he helps him kill the suitors. All the suitors die in the end.

Why do the suitors think Odysseus killed Antinous?

The suitors believe Odysseus to have killed Antinous by mistake, and they threaten to kill him as well.

Who did Odysseus kill with his bow?

Of the suitors, Odysseus first kill Antinous with an arrow to the throat. He then kills Eurymachus with an arrow to his liver, before killing many other suitors.

When did Odysseus fond out about the suitors in his house?

Odysseus ,his son , and the loyal staff kill all the suitors

Why did the suitors want to kill Odysseus?

Odysseus was trying to kill them all. Only by killing Odysseus could they save their own lives.

How do the suitors react when Odysseus kills Antinous?

The suitors react with outrage, and threaten to kill Odysseus. They think the killing is an accident and still do not realize Odysseus' identity or intentions.

Which suitors' lives are spared by Odysseus in the Odyssey?

None of the suitors' lives are spared; Odysseus and his party kill them all. Odysseus does spare Phemius the minstrel, and Medon the herald.

How many suitors must Odysseus kill?

Odysseus kills 108 suitors upon his return to Ithaca in the epic poem "The Odyssey" by Homer.