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Jacks hop because its easy for them. their legs are set at just the right angle and lenght to give them the right force to hop. they have powerful back leg muscles which allow them to get pretty good distance while hopping or jump up in the air pretty dang far. this is why they are the perfect dogs for agility contests.

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I have 4 jack russels and they all have short leg but their are plenty around that have longer legs.

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I own a Jack Russel myself, and I can safely say that they are quite the jumpers. They make great agility dogs and most certainly can jump very well.

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Yes a Jack Russell could catch a rabbit because the breed was ment for hunting and killing foxes.

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Q: Are Jack Russell dogs good jumpers?
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Are Jack Russell dogs a good house dogs?

Yes jack Russell's are good house dog I've got two and they are very good in the house!

Are Jack Russell dogs more inclined to lick their paws?

No all types of dogs have a different temptation to lick. Jack Russell's lick themselves to look good and tough. You don't need to worry about it. Its normal.

What two dogs make Jack Russell?

The Jack Russell is a smaller version of a Fox terrrier. A Fox terrier is derived from a wolf. I belive they just kept breeding small-legged Fox terriers until they got the Jack Russell terrier.

Is a Jack Russell good for elderly women?

I don't think a jack Russell is good for an older person it's too hyper and need a lot of walking not good for an elderly women Answer Young dogs take a lot of energy and care. Better to get a well-trained mature dog that can independently use a dog door.

What are good names for Jack Russell terriers?

Good names for male Jack Russell Terriers: Jack Jacky Freddy Scooter Buddy Buster Rusty Sparky Eric Pat Owen Max Good names for female Jack Russell Terriers: Jill Kristie Maddie Molly Polly Patches Allie

What breeds are good at dog agility contests?

Herding breeds are usually the best agility dogs. Example Border collies and Blue Heelers. But also Jack Russels and other small high energy dogs can make great agility dogs too.

Are Jack Russell terriers a good dog to breed in nintendogs?

mabe you can try ( i am using shiba inus) All dog breeds are good to try, I usually use the bigger dogs.

Are Jack Russell Terriers good in apartments or condos?

If the apartment or condo is small then no. Jack Russells are very hyper little dogs and need lots of space to run around in. I have one and she is very hyper. So Jack Russells arent really good in apartments or condos.

Can Dog jump?

Yes, dogs are very good jumpers and will jump for various reasons. Some dogs can jump fences over six or seven feet high.

Can a Jack Russell run faster than a golder retriver?

if the Jack Russell is in good shape yes, yes it can. Unless you have like the worlds fastest golden retriever or something lol :)

Is a Jack Russell terriers good beginner dog?

sometimes they can be a handfull but depends on the dog

I have a Jack Russell I need to find a good home for because I cannot give her the care she deserves?

I have a Jack Russell I need to find a good home for because I cannot give her the care she deserves. My husband helped me with her care and he is passed on now. What do I do?