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Q: How rhododendron has adapted to suit cold environments?
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How services can be adapted to suit client service needs nail and skin conditions?

Describe how treatments can be adapted to suit client treatment needs and nail conditions

What are people of cold places called?

People who live in cold places are often referred to as polar or arctic inhabitants, depending on the specific region. They have adapted to the harsh climate and have traditional ways of living that suit their environment.

Why are beavers alive?

They have adapted successfully to suit their surroundings.

How has a bone cell adapted to suit its role?

who save hitler in ww2

How can machines be adapted to suit specific needs?

Erogonomics. The science of designing machines to suit people

Was nasas cool suit changed when it was adapted for use on earth?

Yes, NASA's cool suit technology was adapted for use on Earth, such as in medical applications like regulating body temperature during surgeries or treating fever. While the basic design remained the same, adaptations were made to improve comfort and usability for medical professionals.

What are things astronaunts use when visiting another planet?

Oxygen, a umbrella, a special suit a cold suit for when it gets to hot during the daytime in a hot suit for when it gets to cold

Why do we say that the chameleons are adapted to the ecosystem where it lives?

Becasuse that can change colour to suit the environment they happen to be in

How do astronauts control the temperature in there space suits?

Astronauts control the temperature in their space suits using a liquid cooling and ventilation garment (LCVG) system. This system circulates water through tubes in the suit to regulate temperature. Astronauts can adjust the flow of water to maintain a comfortable temperature.

What did Darwin discovered in the Galapagos Islands?

Darwin discovered unique species of finches and tortoises in the Galapagos Islands that helped shape his theory of evolution by natural selection. He observed how these species had adapted to different environments on different islands, leading him to propose that species can evolve over time to better suit their surroundings.

Why has the sewing machine changed over the years?

it has adapted to modern technology to suit this day age and our needs

How is the lion's dentition adapted to suit its life style?

the kill and teeth kill so their u go