Is protozoa a single cell

Updated: 10/9/2023
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Q: Is protozoa a single cell
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Does protozoa contain a single circular cell of DNA?

single cell

What type of cells are in the kingdom protozoa?

Single-cell eukaryotic organisms are present in kingdom protozoa.

Single-cell microscopic animals that release enzymes or toxins that destroy cells are?


Are protozoa single cell?

Yes, they are very primitive forms of life.

How many cells do a protozoa have?

A trypanosome is just one single cell!

Do protozoa have a nervous system?

An amoeba is considered a "single cell organism" and does not have a brain.

What is the differ between unicellular protozoa and colonial protozoa?

Unicellular protozoa are single-celled organisms that exist independently, while colonial protozoa are made up of multiple cells that live together in a group or colony. Unicellular protozoa carry out all life processes within a single cell, whereas colonial protozoa exhibit some division of labor between cells within the colony.

How many cells does Protozo a have?

Protozoa are single-celled organisms, meaning they are composed of only one cell. This cell is responsible for all their life functions, including movement, feeding, and reproduction.

Unidentified single-celled organism that multiplies by cell division?

Ciliate protozoa of class Ciliata, a single-celled organism can multiply by cell division. It can also multiply by budding.

Single-celled creatures that act like animals are called what?

Protozoa Protozoa

What is the name of the lilving thing that only has 1 cell?

single-celled organism, bacteria, yeast, protozoa, etc...

Do the protozoan have skeleton?

No, protozoa do not have a skeleton. They are single-celled organisms and their structure is supported by a flexible cell membrane. Some protozoa may have an outer covering or hard shell for protection, but it is not a true skeleton.