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Q: Why is animal agriculture a good thing?
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Is agriculture a good or bad thing?

Agriculture is a good thing.

Is animal racing a good or bad thing?

I think its a bad thing.

What is main occupation of the bhil tribes?


What is the name of Uganda's Minister of Agriculture Animal Industry?

The name of Uganda's Minister of Agriculture and Animal Industry is Tress Bucyanayandi.

Why is it good to save a animal?

because its the right thing 2 do

What is a good thing about animal testing?

u find out things about them

Is a horse a thing?

Yes it is. If they were not things they would not exist.Yes, because in grammar the noun forms are person, place, or thing. And an animal is not a person, nor a place so it has to be a thing. Good question.

Is agriculture important to the people of Asia?

Yes agriculture is a very important thing for the people of Asia, farming is needed , and the farmers look forward for good rains for their good harvests. But Asian countries face either drought or flooda in lrge areas.

What are the characteristics of animal husbandry and agriculture?

Animal husbandry and agriculture are closely related because they both deal with beneficial aspects of crop and animal use. Learning this is beneficial to both individuals and the economy in general.

What has the author Oded Borowski written?

Oded Borowski has written: 'Agriculture in Iron Age Israel' -- subject(s): History, Agriculture in the Bible, Agriculture, Iron age 'Daily Life in Biblical Times (Archaeology and Biblical Studies) (Archaeology and Biblical Studies)' 'Every living thing' -- subject(s): History, Animal remains (Archaeology), Wildlife utilization, Animals in the Bible, Human-animal relationships, Domestic animals

What are the occupation in Sahara Desert?

Agriculture and animal husbandry

Why are called agriculture primary?

Argriculture primary is the the thing that is used to do a small type of agriculture things