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we are one, horses are another, actually im not sure what else. all other animals i can think of either release heat throuh their ears, or by panting

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Q: What is pore bearing animals?
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Why are sponges called pore-bearing animals?

sponges are many holes or pores in them which the use for feeding and such.they also belong to the phylum porifera,which means "pore bearing."

What is an animal that has holes in it?

Phylum Porifera (Latin porus = pore, ferre =bearer) includes pore-bearing animals. These are commonly called sponges.

Ano ibig sabihin ng pore bearing animals?

D ko alm hehehehehehehehe

How did the phylum porifera get its name?

that is a scientific name. its latin. it's scientific name is pore-bearing animals.

Which animals have pores?

Phylum Porifera (latin for 'pore-bearing). Commonly known as sponges.

What is meant by the term porifera?

pore bearing animal.

What is pore bearing?

"Pore bearing" typically refers to a material or structure that contains pores or openings. These pores can contribute to properties such as permeability, absorption, or filtration capabilities. Materials like ceramics, stones, and metals can be designed to be pore-bearing for specific applications.

What are the characteristics of porifera?

Porifera are pore bearing animals . Pores include ostia and osculum . they possess choanocytes or collard cells .

Why is pore spaces important?

pore space is important because animals and plants need it

What kingdom and phylum do sponges belong to?

Sponges or poriferans are animals of the phylum Porifera.Sponges are divided into the following classes mainly according to the compositions of their skeletons:1.Calcarea2.Glass sponges3.Demosponges

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