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Q: What will happen with the money people give the RSPCA?
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Black money can decrease...

How much money did RSPCA raise in 2007?

Not sure but in 2008 Holland Park state school students raised $700 for the RSPCA. That's all i can give you.

How does the RSPCA get money?

The RSPCA rescue foundation raises their money by having events like: The million paws walk, RSPCA cupcake day, happy tails day etc. and through donations, the fines they give people and by selling the animals that come into their care as pets to suitable people who want them.

Were can you give your cats to?

Cats Protection League or RSPCA.

How does The RSPCA have a positive effect on society?

The RSPCA is a good charity to support because it helps loving animals that need a home. They feed, water and give a bed for the poor pets.

Can you tell us about the rspca?

can not always give the care they need

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well if people dont give enough money to charities to help them they will probably soon become excinct unfortunately. its soo sad they are such lovely animals...

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