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Jains believe in ahimsa, or nonviolence. To stop the cycle of reincarnation, Jains believe that they must follow the path of ahimsa. If they do not behave as their religion dictates, they believe that their next life could be as a lower animal. Thus they do not kill any animal because it could have been their ancestor, etc. But primarily, because they believe in preventing the suffering of all who feel pain.

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Buddhists are not forbidden to eat meat. In some countries (e.g. Tibet) the general scarcity of food makes meat eating necessary, and if offered any food a Buddhist will eat it, this includes meat. The injunction is against the killing of sentient beings. Meat animals may not be sentient. There is also an injunction against ask ing for things not necessary for life - this would include a request that an animal be killed specifically for your consumprion. In general many Buddhists refrain from eating meat to show compassion for all living beings.

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lots of buddhists are vegatarians because of one of their rules, 'never hurt a living thing' i dont know about hindues though

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Q: Why are Jains vegetarian?
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Which community in the world is strict vegetarian?


Who is the real god and supports vegetarian?

The true religion of the vegetarianis that of the Jains.

Who are Jains?

Followers of Mahavir, a 6th century BC saint. He was contemporary and senior of Buddha Jains follow the the Jain Religion .It is a very ancient Religion ,which originated in India. The main philosophy of Jainism is "Ahimsa" which can be loosely translated as non violence, it teaches compassion towards all people,animals and nature. Hence the Jains follw a strict vegetarian diet.

Which food items do Jain people like to eat?

jains are pure vegetarian,they eat vegitable and dal without using garlic and onionand not eat brinjal also.

What do Jains call their god?

Jains call their god Tirthankar.

What are jainism people called?

They're called Jains.

Do jains believe in god?

Jains have different deities, the most important ones, being tirthankaras.

What percentage of the world population is vegetarian?

Brahmins, Jains, Agarwals, Baiays and Vaisnav followers are vegetarian.The number of vegetarians is increasing by 10% every year.A difficult one to answer. Most of the vegetarians in the world are vegetarian because of their economic situation. In India about 30% are lacto vegetarian because of their religious beliefs. In the west about 3% are some kind of vegetarian due to choice. Over half of the worlds population is vegetarian.

Is digamber jains Buddhists?

Digamber Jains are not Buddhists. Digamber is a sect of Jainism.

How do nonviolence affected the daily lives of Jains in ancient India?

Nonviolence, or ahimsa, was a central principle in Jainism that affected the daily lives of Jains in ancient India. Jains followed strict vegetarian diets, as they believed in minimizing harm to all living beings. They also practiced nonviolence in their actions and thoughts, avoiding harm or injury to any living creature. This influenced their occupations, relationships, and choices in their daily activities.

What do Jainisms eat?

Jainism thought is focused on nonviolence of all kinds. For this reason, all Jains are vegetarians. Jains are also prohibited from eating honey, alcohol, root vegetables, eggplant and even some fruits. The reason for this is their belief that some living thing (even microscopic organisms) may live in these foods. Jains also boil their water to make sure that there are no living organisms in it before they drink. There are minor dietary variations between different sects of Jainism. Check your local library for more information!

Why jains does not brinjal?

jains avoid eating brinjal at it is considered jimikand or underground food