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  • Skinning animals alive is a rare event, whit most animals skinned it represents an undesirable risk for the individual doing the skinning.
  • Some animals used for meat and fur produce higher quality meat if they are bled to death and a stunning blow is delivered to enable the animal to be bled out it our struggle that would hurt the handler or the meat, this bleeding step can be combined with the skinning but that practice has faller out of favor because it bloodies the pelt.
  • Strictly speaking animals never need to be skinned; In the developed world a variety of alternative to animal furs exist (though this answer does not answer the question)
  • Individuals with strong stomachs can search for "Chinese fur trade video" in any search engine and find a video of a Chinese fur farm skinning live animals, purportedly the reason is that it is faster and or easier to skin them alive, it is unclear that this is true.
  • Human animal abuse for the sake of animal abuse is common enough to explain the majority of these cases.
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They should not be used for fur because animals are killed when people take out their fur and what would the world be like with no animals?


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Animals should not be skinned for their fur because you are just killing them for noreason. would you like it if someone skinned you for no reason.

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because maybe they dont feel like dealing with stupid stuff like tht bs

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These people skin animals for their fur, pelt, skin for money so they can make a living. Some people also eat these skinned animals :p

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Q: Why do animals have to be skinned alive for their fur?
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Why did they kill the animals in fur trade?

Animals trapped for the fur trade, (even those whose fur was used for felt hats like beaver) were killed and skinned. Probably preferable to being skinned alive. Beavers were generally trapped using methods that resulted in them drowning.

Where are fur made from?

Fur comes from furry animals, who are killed and skinned. The skin is then cured and treated until clothes can be sewn from it.

What do they do to kill animals to get fur?

Well the normal killing method isn't right: usually the animal gets skinned alive and the body gets thrown into a bin or gets eaten. The fur industry should be shut down. Hope this helps

What do pioneers do with hunted animals?

The pioneers skinned them and ate them. They used the fur they skinned for blankets, coats, and much more.

How many animals are skinned to make a coat?

It depends on the type of coat. If it is from bears, 1 or 2. But, it really depends on the fur/animals

What countries skin animals alive for their fur or skin?


What saint was skinned alive?

The Apostle Bartholomew is said to have been skinned alive.

How do people get animal fur off of animals?

The carcass is skinned. The beaver skin is then scraped of all fatty tissue, stretched and dried. Then it becomes a saleable beaver pelt.

What is raw fur?

Raw fur refers to animal pelts that have not been processed or altered in any way after being removed from the animal. This can include fur from animals such as mink, fox, or rabbit that have been skinned but not cleaned or tanned. Raw fur is often sold to furriers or fur processing facilities where it will undergo further treatment to be turned into finished fur products.

What animals are skinned for their fur?

Minks, rabbits, raccoons, bears, and foxes to name a few. Most of these animals are raised in poor conditions for their fur. Others are caught in the wild in painful traps and later killed. Also deer were caught as warming for the people.

Why some people not like fur coats?

Because some people, like myself, do not like killing animals. The only animals that aren't killed before they are skinned are sheep, alpaca, llama, and other animals like that.

Does animal die when their fur is taken for fur coats?

Animals suffer a lot.Millions of cats, dogs, foxes, raccoons, and other animals go through pain each day. You can search YouTube on a video of the process of skinning an animal (Warning: Extremely graphic).Please, think about this before you buy any fur products. The animals will thank you.Animals used for fur suffer more than you would imagine. There are many ways to obtain fur, the main ways being fur farms, trapping and the Chinese. I separate the Chinese because in the streets of China many homeless dogs and cats are taken (even some out of yards) and then skinned alive. Fur farms and trappers at LEAST try to kill them ahead of time although that effort is not always successful.