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Over time many different racial classifications have existing numbering anywhere between 6 and several hundred. Below are a few of these.

* Khoid (Hottentot) race * Sanid (Bushmen) race * Central Congoid race (Geographic center and origin in the Congo river basin) * Bambutid race (African Pygmies) * Aethiopid race (Ethiopia, Somalia) * Mediterranid race (from Mediterranean areas) * Dinaric race (predominant in western Balkans [Dinaric Mountains] and northern Italy) * Alpine race * Ladogan race (named after Lake Ladoga; indigenous to Russia; includes Lappish subrace of arctic Europe) * Nordish or Northern European race * Armenid race (Armenia, Syria, Lebanon and northern Iraq) * Turanid race (Kazakhstan, Hungary and Turkey) * Irano-Afghan race (Iran and Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey) * Indic or Nordindid race (Pakistan and northern India) * Dravidic race (India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) * Veddoid race (remnant Australoid population in central and southern India) Melanesian race (New Guinea, Papua, Solomon Islands) * Australian-Tasmanian race (Australian Aborigines) * Northeast Asian or Northern Mogoloid race (China, Manchuria, Korea and Japan) * Southeast Asian or Southern Mongoloid race (China, Indochina, Thailand, Myanmar [Burma], Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines) * Micronesian-Polynesian race * Ainuid race (remnants of aboriginal population in northern Japan) * Tungid race (Mongolia and Siberia, Eskimos) * Amerindian race (American Indians)

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Q: What are the different human races?
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