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They wear leaves and scraps of clothe twinned together but the Jakuna tribe has been know to wear t-shirts and jeans brought over to their culture by the outside world.

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Q: What do Indigenous people wear in the rainforest's?
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Do people live in trees?

It has become a fad in the United States and Europe to have modern housing with contemporary luxuries in or built around a tree. Entire television shows are devoted to it. Indigenous people, while living close to and depending greatly on trees, mostly lived around or under them rather than in them.

What is the politics of representation in anthropology?

The politics of representation refers to how anthropologists represent various groups of people, the power embedded in those representations (who gets to speak for whom, and what picture they get to paint) as well as how those representations are used, both by the group itself and by other interested parties, to serve particular agendas. Imagine, for example, an anthropologist who writes about the ritual practices of a particular indigenous group. Then imagine that the indigenous group objects to that representation, saying it's either false or that the anthropologist has no right to write about it. That's the politics of representation. Or imagine that the indigenous group likes the representation, and uses the anthropologist's writing to make a case for land rights or cultural uniqueness or to market themselves to tourists. That's also the politics of representation. Or imagine that the anthropologist's depiction is used by the government to make a case against the group represented, saying it's a savage or backward group that should be domesticated. That's the politics of representation too. I hope that helps!

Are there people that eat people?

Yes. They are called cannibals.

The first Australians were dark-skinned people called?

The people native to Australia are known as Aborigines

How did the primitive people live?

The who now?

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What indigenous people live in a tropical rain-forest?

What are some of the ndignous people that live in the rainforests?

Do aborigines live in the rainforests any more?

There are no longer any Australian indigenous people (Aborigines) living a traditional native lifestyle in Australian rainforests.

Can you find snakes in the rainforests?

Yes of course. They are one of the many inhabitants indigenous to the rainforests of the world.

What are some desert polar or rainforest communities?

There are no indigenous people in the polar regions, however the Inuit are one of the peoples who live in the Arctic region. Rainforests are populated by many tribes of indigenous people such as the Baka of Cameroon and Gabon. Some estimates put the number as high as 50,000,000 people living in the rainforests. Deserts are also populated. The Bedouin are one of the most famous groups of desert-dwellers.

Name four indigenous groups from around the world who live in rain forests?

Kuna, Yanomami, Baka, Penan indigenous peole live in rainforests

What do indigenous people wear?

Feathers for hats, Feather skirts (even boys) and face paint

What clothes do the people in the rainforest wear?

Tribes indigenous to the rainforest have differing styles of dress. Most often, they wear clothing fashioned from the plants in the forest.

How did indigenous people fish?

How do indigenous people fish

Are there indigenous people in Guatemala?

Are there indigenous people in Guatemala?

Who are indigenous people in Switzerland?

The Swiss are the indigenous people of Switzerland.

Are there indigenous people in Lebanon?

there are many indigenous people in Lebanon

Who are Spain's indigenous people?

Spain's indigenous people are the basque

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