What is cultural?

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Culture is a broad concept that includes the values, beliefs, customs, and arts of individuals in a specific social group. Many definitions of culture foregrounds the idea that culture is not something that we are born with – it is something that we learn through a process called enculturation. As human beings grow and develop, our exposure to our families, our acquaintances, and to forms of media gradually shapes our identities and our perception of

the world. And, when significant aspects of those, like our language, values, myths, art, and fashion are shared by many people across a population group, we often call that 'a' culture.

In anthropology, it’s very common to divide culture into two types. There’s material (or tangible culture) and non-material (or intangible) culture. Material culture refers to physical objects made by human beings. This includes everything from art and architecture to things like currency, tools, and textiles. By contrast, non-material culture refers to more abstract concepts – like shared beliefs, legal and political values, table manners, and religion. These

are the intangible things that bind people together and give them a shared sense of identity.

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Cultural is relating to culture or culturing. Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, etc.

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Q: What is cultural?
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