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The forest has many interesting things. It hides an abundance of wildlife, such as raccoons, squirrels, bears, and deer. It also has an amazing variety of plants, including ferns, many different kinds of trees, blueberries and more.

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Q: What is interesting about the forest?
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Can you give an interesting fact about the deciduous forest?

The leaves of the deciduous forest change every fall.

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the interesting thing about jaguars is that jaguars habit is the forest

What are some interesting facts about the deciduous forest?

The word deciduous means to shed

What is the average temp for the rain forest?

77° Fahrenheit. It's quite interesting!

Can you name one interesting animal that adapts to the rain forest?

tree frog, a sloth

What animals live in the stone forest?

The stone forest is an interesting place to visit. There have been 11 different species of lemurs who living within this area.

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The Amazon rain forest is teeming with unique and interesting wildlife. A project depicting these plants and animals in a way that emphasizes their unique traits would be interesting to most people.

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What is an interesting fact about the tropical rain forest?

trees are so tall that small plants cant get sunlight

Why is it good idea to use soil from forest for a terrarium?

Because it is populated with an interesting assortment of insects,moss and seeds.

What is an interesting sentence with bouquet in it?

Example sentence - I created a lovely bouquet using flowers and ferns from the forest near my home.

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