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2022-06-21 12:47:37
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What field of anthropology studies fossil remains to learn how human characteristics have developed

Which field of anthropology studies the language of a specific ethnic group in a culture

Which field of anthropology studies the relationships of people in groups

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2022-05-11 08:43:57

Is ‘popular’ really the right word? The spread of British culture is obviously connected to the British Empire.

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2016-05-22 17:36:44

The U.K. has been a global power for a long time so the British culture has been spread.

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Lucy Leulseged

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2022-08-11 10:04:56

because of colonialism

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Q: Why has British culture been popular around the world?
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Is culture seldom a factor in world conflict?

Yes, culture is seldom a factor in world conflict. Everybody just wants to think that their culture is correct and right instead of other cultures.

How would the world be if you all shared the same culture?

There will be less conflict between the cultures. But, because people has different cultures, it made good countries. Also, as a result of having the same culture, we will all be alike each other.

Why does geography affect culture?

Where you live can have a large effect on who you are in cultural terms. Let's say you live on a peninsula that has little commerce with the outside world, almost exclusively through the people who live on the mainland nearby. The culture of these people cannot help but affect your customs, your interests, and your culture in general.Like the old saying, "Show me who your friends are and I will show you who you are."

What is cultural?

Culture is a broad concept that includes the values, beliefs, customs, and arts of individuals in a specific social group. Many definitions of culture foregrounds the idea that culture is not something that we are born with – it is something that we learn through a process called enculturation. As human beings grow and develop, our exposure to our families, our acquaintances, and to forms of media gradually shapes our identities and our perception of the world. And, when significant aspects of those, like our language, values, myths, art, and fashion are shared by many people across a population group, we often call that 'a' culture. In anthropology, it’s very common to divide culture into two types. There’s material (or tangible culture) and non-material (or intangible) culture. Material culture refers to physical objects made by human beings. This includes everything from art and architecture to things like currency, tools, and textiles. By contrast, non-material culture refers to more abstract concepts – like shared beliefs, legal and political values, table manners, and religion. These are the intangible things that bind people together and give them a shared sense of identity.

What is culture characteristics?

Multiculturalism in Brazil is the mixture of cultures. It is the blending of faiths and cultures that occur in Brazil since colonial times. And one of the main characteristics of Brazilian culture is the diversity. The Immigration process was very important for the formation of this culture. Brazil has incorporated into its territory from cultures all over the world. We can say that this process of immigration began in 1530 when the Portuguese began the colonization of Brazil. The first non-Portuguese immigrants who came to Brazil were Africans, who were used as slaves on coffee plantations Brazil is a country of mixed race roots, and that is not historically minorities. We should be open to the differences that make the Brazilian people as a people in our mixed heritage. It is this plurality and diversity of Brazilians who can build this and chase the dream of the future possible.

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What elements of british culture are found around the world?

the goverment, people, and popular culture of the British Isles have a influenced people all around the world.

What elements of British culture are found are found the world?

the goverment, people, and popular culture of the British Isles have a influenced people all around the world.

What elements of British are found around the world?

the goverment, people, and popular culture of the British Isles have a influenced people all around the world.

What are the most popular cultures around the world?

Popular culture is everywhere!!!!!!!!

How has popular culture influenced countries around the world?

Popular culture has influenced cultures around the world because for example, we drink the same soft drinks that people in other countries drink.

What does one direction do it for?

first of all it's does* and they are a british boy band that are popular around the world

Which of the following developments helped spread American popular culture around the world in the second half of the 20th century?

world trade

How has the British culture left it's mark on the world?

British culture has left its mark on the world through the English language, the Industrial Revolution, and its music.

How is flan related to spanish culture?

Flan is related to Spanish culture because it is a popular dessert in Spain. It is also popular in Mexico. Though Flan is eaten in many other countries around the world as well.

What is an Aborigine musical instrument?

The Didgeridoo is an Aborigine musical instrument. This is an instrument that is very popular in the culture as well as around the world.

What does The diffusion of American popular culture include?

American fast food restaurants opening in many countries around the world.

Which is an example of popular culture?

All of the above

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