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The Senedd, the Welsh Parliament building in Cardiff, Wales, was constructed between 2002 and 2006. Officially opened on March 1, 2006, the building serves as the main administrative center for the Welsh Assembly.

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Q: When was the Welsh assembly built?
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Who built techniquest in Cardiff?

Its a registered Charity part funded by the Welsh Assembly As an independent registered educational charity, Techniquest is funded from a variety of sources. The Welsh Assembly Government provides approximately 1/3rd of their funding, particularly to support schools programmes

How mony members Welsh assembly have?

There are 60 elected welsh assembly government members.

Where is the welsh national assembly?

Cardiff bay

In which city is the welsh assembly based?


Why is the welsh assembly in Cardiff?

Theee welsh assmebly gorvement meet in London in the Hous of Parliment!

Was rodgery Morgan a Welsh ambassador?

Hywel Rhodri Morgan was First Secretary for Wales, First Minister, leader of the Welsh Assembly Government. A former leader of Welsh Labour, he was the Assembly Member for Cardiff West. He is the longest serving Welsh First Minister.

What power does the welsh assembly have in wales?

hopefully nout

When was the Welsh Castle built?

Which castle are you referring to?

What is a government's job?

The welsh assembly governments job is to work hard.

How many members are there in the wales assembley?

There are 60 members of the Welsh Assembly.

What is the legislative body of Wales called?

This is known as the Assembly, or in Welsh The Senedd.

Who built Harlech Castle?

According to "Cadw" the historic environment service of the Welsh Assembly Government, work on Harlech Castle was supervised by Master James of St George who was Master of the King's Works in Wales.