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Q: A photographic print is made from a?
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What is a photographic print made by placing objects on light sensitive paper and exposing it to light?

A photogram

What did Clatonia Joaguin Dorticus invent?

She he invented the photographic print and the negative washing machine.He invented the photographic print and the negative wash machine!

What kind of photographic equipments did dorothea lange use?

The images were made using a Graflex camera.

Who produced the art piece Gelatin silver print Helen Muspratt or Eileen Agar?

Gelatin silver print is a photographic procedure - not the name of a work of art.

Where can I buy a digital print on a canvas?

You will be able to buy a digital print on canvas in any photographic store. Most of these are independent but a chain store that would do this for you is Boots.

What is an image negative?

A piece of photographic film having the negative (opposite) image of your positive print or image.

What is used to make photographic film?

Photographic film was invented in 1889 by George Eastman. Photographic film and paper is made using silver nitrate which is light sensitive.

What has the author J Ghislain LOOTENS written?

J. Ghislain LOOTENS has written: 'Lootens on photographic enlarging and print quality'

Is it easier to go to a company to print off digital pictures as print copies or to do it yourself?

Kodak and Amazon both sell a wide variety of photographic paper. Any stationery company should sell different types of photographic paper as well and there should be something on one of those sites to meet your needs.

Taking pictures began in - 1878 1927 or 1956?

Photographic images were being made in 1878. Joseph Nicéphore Niépce made a few photographic pictures in 1827.

What is a lumen print?

A lumen print is a way to expose photographic paper to take a picture of something without using a camera. It requires using black & white photo paper and exposing it to bright light, as sunlight, for a period of hours with the object in front of the paper that you wish to make a print of.

How do I print out my digital photos like normal pictures?

You can buy photographic paper from any stationary shop, place them in the printer like you would normal A4 paper, upload the photographs from the camera onto your computer and print as you would normally.