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I have a print! I wondering about that as well

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Q: Are Renoir prints worth anything
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Did Pierre-Auguste Renoir sign the prints of two sisters on the terrace?

Yes he did.

Are e Rene prints worth anything?

I have a print! I wondering about that as well

Are prints of the picture venting cattle on the fricsco system worth anything?

I am looking to buy a print of this painting.

Are c don ensor prints worth anything?

The prints are very well done and supply has stopped but the demand is not there. I have had many of these prints for years and would sell if I could find a buyer. They do make great gifts as they are thought to be worth a lot more that they are due to lack of demand.

How much was Marilyn Monroe prints worth?


How much is Renoir's print?

More information is needed because there are huge numbers of Renoir prints. Please post a new, separate question with the name of the original painting and any information about the specific print (date, source, etc.)

What are Albert Casson prints worth?

We have several Albert Casson's prints. They are limited editions. Does anyone know what they would be worth?

How much are Anni Moller prints worth?

Anni Moller prints can run from $39.95 for smaller prints, up to $60.00 for larger prints, unframed.

What is Little Irene by Renoir worth?

There is no way of assessing the value of a work of art until it is up for sale. No similar work by Renoir has been sold lately. The most expensive Renoir painting ever cost $78 million.

What are original godey's prints worth?

They are worth what someone is willing to pay for them......

Is ANNE S Logan series lithos worth anything?

I would love to know, as well. I have 2 signed and numbered prints from her Fly-By-Night series.

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