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I have Original large painting with Barbara Weber's signature. who is interested in knowing their value. One a Spanish lady same time frame. size 24*36

I like to sale

My name is Muhittin Bagriyanik ( Mike )

My phone # is 1 917 865 7658

and i have the original Spanish Conquistador but in blue gray hues,, signed by her ..its huge.. have to measure but anyways if anyone interested 254 235 1115 (carmen)

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8y ago
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15y ago

Roger Weik seems to be a serious artist with reasonable connections in the art world So I would say yes.

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Charletta Jackson

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1y ago

I have My favorite painting by Barbara Weber with signature? contact me if intereste.

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Tereica Mccormick

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2y ago

Is this worth anything

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Q: Are paintings by Roger Weik worth anything?
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