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Beta blockers are used to reduce or slow down the heart rate by blocking the effect of the hormone adrenaline.

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2015-05-13 03:56:52
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Q: Can beta blockers increase heart rate?
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Related questions

Do beta blockers increase heart rate?

No, they slow heart rate.

Do beta blockers thin blood?

No. Beta blockers slow the heart rate and only affect the heart and how fast it pumps.

What drugs slow your heart rate down?

Beta blockers.

What do beta blockers do to the heart rate?

slows it downbeta blockers lower heart rate and they blunt the HR response to exercise.Yes they slow the heart down a little depending on the dosage you take.

What are beta blockers?

Beta-blockers are drugs that reduce the heart rate, and force of contraction, lowering peripheral blood pressure. They are prescribed to people who suffer from hypertension.

What drug might be used specifically to reduce heart rate in cardiac patients?

beta blockers

What is a normal heart rate for a 52 year old female during exercise if they take a beta blocker?

Beta blockers usally decreases the heart rate. This question cannot be answerd.

Why you use beta blocker in heart failure?

Beta blockers act to reduce the workload on the heart by reducing the heart rate and relaxing the aterial walls, decreasing peripheral resistance.

After stopping beta blockers how long before heart rate returns to normal?

It depends (mostly) on which beta-blocker you were on, but it should range from 24 hours to a week.

What receptor causes heart rate increase?

Beta 1 receptors

What drug slows and strengthens a rapid heart beat?

beta blockers slow down a rapid heart rate,don't think it strengthens it though

How can mitral valve stenosis be treated?

Drug therapy may help to slow the heart rate, strengthen the heart beat, and control abnormal heart rhythm. Drugs such as beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, and digoxin may be prescribed.

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