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Cyclopia is an extreme malformation of the external & internal structure of the head. It can not be treated or cured. The brain is so radically reduced and simplified that there is no way to "repair" it. It had never grown properly to begin with. In typical Cyclopia, there is but one eyeball in the middle of the face (?). The brain is not divided into hemispheres and is missing many components. In addition, the nose,if not absent altogether, is a proboscis that is unconnected to the throat. The bones of the face serve wholly different functions than normally (eye orbit made of nasal bones, for example.). It is inconceivable to even think of treating cyclopia. The "baby" doesn't live long -fortunantly, rumors of such -creatures- surviving and even reaching adulthood notwithstanding. (one said to be living in seclusion and not wanting to see anybody lest it be some sideshow agent coming to exploit him).

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Q: Can cyclopia be treated or cured?
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