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To get a clearer picture we should know what enamel is and what epoxy is. According to The Free Dictionary by Farflex, enamel is "A paint that dries to a hard glossy finish" and epoxy is, "a thermosetting resin; used chiefly in strong adhesives and coatings and laminates." When epoxy is used as a primer for the purposes of adhesion resistance then we cannot call it enamel. Therefore, epoxy enamel is a synthetic paint based on alkyd resin used as a coating medium on metal, wood, and concrete where hardness and good flexibility are required. Epoxy coatings appear glossy with increased resistance to spillage of chemicals, solvents, and grease.

EPOXY PAINT and/or EPOXY ADHESIVES can literally be applied to virtually anything. But its very important to remember that as with any 'over-layer' type applications like what we are speaking about, preparation is 90% of a superior job. i say 'superior' because why bother to do a project if your going to do it 1/2-butt since you'll only be stuck with a larger, much more troublesome PROBLEM INSTEAD OF YOUR ORIGINAL project. PREPARATIONS: Keep in mind that for either one of your EPOXY products the surface must, not just should, be free of oils, dirt, etc. especially oily substances since this is one of the few things that make it difficult for most applications to properly adhere to, although like i said previously EPOXY can stick to just about anything, with the exception of 'fruits & vegetables'(and you know who you are). And imagine if you will, that it demands something to stick to or perhaps a better word would be 'GRIP' to. So scraping, sanding, sand-blasting, wire-brushing and the like are all means to prepping a surface properly. Then thoroughly clean the surface(s) and avoid cleaning with soapy-types and most others that tend to leave residuals. H2O is fine. Alcohol, rocket-fuel(which evaporates very quickly) or acetone work very well cleaning most things but when prepping plastics, alcohol is less damaging. Mineral Spirits would be my 2nd choice since it does leave a bit more residue than the others, but usually is none problematical. Oh, with wood, vac it off instead of just wiping. That should do it folks. Any more questions i suppose you can reach me through this service.

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No, epoxy paint is designed for interior use only. A better choice is an wood exterior stain.

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The epoxy will stick really well to the oil based paint...
...but your outcome will depend on how well the existing oil based paint is attached to the item.

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Only if the water based paint is a primer. If not,then paint a primer first.

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Q: Can you use an epoxy paint to paint a wood fence?
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Can you use stucco rubber paint on wood fence?

NO, it will not penetrate.

Can you use latex paint over an epoxy painted wall. and what steps are needed?

You can definitely use latex paint over epoxy. In fact, it is recommended to use latex over epoxy by the paint manufacturers, rather than using epoxy over epoxy. The latex adheres better and if you then want to use epoxy next time you paint, you have a nice coat of latex between the layers. If you use epoxy over epoxy, often the paint will just peel off in layers once some time passes (and sometimes right away).

How do you repair a wood fence and what materials are needed?

depending on the damage you may possibly just be able to use a 2x4 to secure the fence. if not then it might be whole sections of it. nails, new wood, and paint to protect the wood

How do you remove old paint from a wooden fence What is the best way to sand it and what kind of sand paper should be used?

You can use sand to remove the paint of wood with medium-grain sandpaper.Here be careful you are not to scratch the wood. Also at paint store you will get various paint remover of fence.but most of them are harmful to use. So Better that you refer any fence experts like TotalFence Inc,who will guide you in proper way to maintain fence paint.

What type of paint do you use to cover epoxy primer?

Almost any kind, including epoxy enamel.

Can you use epoxy paint over water base paint?

I wouldn't if it was my driveway. I'd power wash it off first then the driveway coatings would stick better.

Can you paint over epoxy paint with latex paint?

Yes, but it may not stay on very well. Besides, epoxy paints are very hard and wear resistant, while latex paints aren't. If the epoxy paint was needed the first time, repainting with something much less durable might not be such a wise move.

Can you use an epoxy-based paint to paint a white vinyl fence?

Maybe, but Krylon Fusion for plastic would be a better choice. And it involves no prep work. Turns out Zinsser Bulls-Eye primer will bond to PVC fencing, after which you can use regular house paint on it.

What paint do they use for playground equipment?

I've seen it done with heavy duty enamel and epoxy based paint.

What is the best kind of wood to use when building a wood fence?

The wood which is used for wood fence must be taken from really strong tree. If you visit the website you can see some really good wood types for strong wood fence.

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