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yes sea sponges.

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Q: Do sponges live in the ocean?
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Where does a sponge mostly live?

Sponges do live in the ocean.

Where around the world do sponges live?

in the ocean

What are sea sponges?

Animals that live in the ocean.

What Sponges live in the ocean?

Spongebob Squarepants

What biome do sponges live in?

The ocean (aquatic biome).

Do sea sponges live in the Pacific Ocean?

yes, some even live in the Atlantic and Indian ocean too.

What do sponges do in the ocean?

Sponges in the ocean can live up to 200 years old. They are primary produces and give off more oxygen than they take in.

Where do sponges live in the top middle or bottom of the ocean?

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What are sponge habitats?

typicaly sponges live in coral reefs with other sponges in their own habitat in the depths of the ocean floor!!!!

What ocean plants live in the Pacific Ocean?

starfish, seaweed, corals, sponges, algae, sea-shells.

What does a Sea Star eat?

The one thing that I’m focused on, are sponges. SPONGES. Many people believe that the type of sponges we’re talking about, are the sponges we clean with... well, you’re wrong. The sponges that scientists keep trying to explain to people that live in the ocean, sea sponges. Now I’m worried for sea sponges, because starfish keep eating them. And frankly I feel very bad for their habitats. Because the ocean needs the sponges help. The ocean relies on porifera/sponges to help the ocean, to help it grow, to help it prosper, and to help animals live and eat.

Do sponges live in fresh water or salt water?

Nearly all most all of the 5,000 known sponges are found in saltwater; however, 150 species live in freshwater.