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Most web design courses also do teach a minimum of graphic arts as well. You need to have a basic knowledge of how to do graphics to design web pages.

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Q: Does web design training also teach graphic arts?
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Where can a person find available jobs with graphic design companies?

Some of the best places to find new jobs are online job search websites such as Monster, it offers easy access to filtered search for graphic design companies. Otherwise there is also classifieds such as Craigslist, which often has graphic design jobs coming up.

What is the difference between fashion design and graphic design?

With fashion design, you create new designs for clothings. Like, you create new shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, sweaters, etc. As for Graphic Design, it's like photoshop. EVERYTHING you see all around us that have a design... that is graphic designing. For example, the covers you see on magazines... that's graphic designing. That's the career I wanna do. I would love to be a graphic designer. There's, also Web Design. Web Design is when you're workin' w/ websites. But, that's a little harder because you have to know ALL the HTML codes, etc. I'm thinkin' about doing that too. For Web Design, you, also create websites. If you would like to experience what Web Design is like, you can create a website at You should try it; it's fun. =] Good luck, iloveband! =]

Why hire a professional graphic designer?

Graphic design is a creative endeavor. And a good professional designer can make a huge difference in the results you get from the work. Just look around the web. You can tell a major difference between web sites that graphic designers have been involved with the design, look and feel of the sites, and usability. Good graphic designers are communicators. That is what design is for: to communicate a product or service in a way that is visually appealing, positive and effective. In the end, what you want from a brochure, catalog, web site or whatever is results! A professional graphic designer can help you achieve results. Good graphic designers also have training and understanding in advertising and various marketing topics to aid in the creative projects they work.There is a vast range of quality and price differences between what someone bills as a professional anything these days. Be sure to look at their portfolio and consult with them before hiring.

What is the best graphic design piece?

99designs is the world's largest online graphic design marketplace. 99Designs connects talented & passionate designers with customers who need quality, affordable design services for logos, websites, mobile apps, stationary, business cards & more!

What classes are needed for graphic design if you already have a Bachelor's degree in Business?

If you're going to go the graphic design path, you will need Photoshop based classes. You will also need some programming classes that focus on html/css. PHP or are programming languages that would be beneficial to learn as well. If you go into a job and only know Photoshop, there will probably be someone that knows a lot more than that, which they could eventually replace you with. You might want to learn SEO as well, then you could provide your own SEO services on the side.

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Where can you get graphic design training?

"You can get graphic design training at small community colleges like Upper Iowa University. There are also a number of online universities like the University of Phoenix, which offer careers in graphic design."

What degree is needed to get graphic design jobs?

A bachelor's degree in graphic design or a closely related field is usually required for jobs in the graphic design field. Additional training with a broad assortment of visual computer programs is also helpful.

What is the difference between graphic design and graphic arts?

Graphic design is a subset of the graphic arts. Graphic arts also includes graphic production--prepress, printing and bindery.

What is the difference between graphic arts and graphic design?

Graphic design is a subset of the graphic arts. Graphic arts also includes graphic production--prepress, printing and bindery.

How do I start a graphic design career ?

You can obtain an undergraduate degree. Also interning at a graphic design firm can get you on the right track.

Where can I take a great graphic design course?

There are a lot of places you can get access to graphic design course material. They are also offered in many online colleges. To name a few and . There are many self study guides as well. For example,

Is Photoshop training necessary to pursue a career in graphic design?

A career in graphic design requires a college degree. Specialization is Photoshop training will depend on the degree program you chose. I would recommend researching colleges and the programs they offer. A specialization in Photoshop may also depend on your future employer as well.

How to Learn Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a fascinating field which may interest people who have artistic ability. Graphic designers are in high demand and can work for corporations large and small or can even work as freelancers setting their own price for their wares. You can work for marketing firms designing logos or work for training departments creating designs for eLearning. The potential is limitless! The best part is you can learn graphic design in a classroom or in an online class.Instructor Led Graphic Design ClassesLearning graphic design is easy if you are in a classroom where an instructor is on-hand to help you learn graphic software and how to use the tools. Both four year and two year colleges have graphics courses and many training schools such as New Horizons and ONLC have instructor led training courses where you can become proficient at graphic design. Check online for schools that have programs that teach graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator. You can even receive an Adobe certification which will help you get a job as a designer.Online Graphic Design ClassesSome of the above mentioned schools have graphic design programs that the students can access remotely. Taking online classes affords flexibility as the student can do the work when it is convenient from any location that has an internet connection. Make sure the school or online program you use allows you to ask questions of a facilitator in case you get stuck during your lessons. Some online programs also have downloadable workbooks that you can use to further reinforce what you have learned.Online forums and chatrooms are available on the web so people can learn specifics about graphic design. For example, if you are trying to learn graphic design using Adobe Photoshop, there are forums specifically for that software where you can post questions and have other users help you find answers. Books are also a good way to learn graphic design. Check your local bookstore or sites such as Amazon where you are sure to find a variety of books to help you learn the basics of general graphic design or to help you learn specific graphic design software.

What requirements do you need for graphic design?

I study graphic design now at my high school for graphic arts. Im getting ready for college and the graphic design part we need to know is typography rules and design rules. How to create vector art on adobe illustrator. Also need to learn Adobe Indesign and Adobe Photoshop fairly well. Also idk if this counts as graphic design but we do screen printing and press work.

What does a graphic design job pay?

The average salary amount a graphic design job pays is close to $50,000. It also depends on how much experience a person has in graphic design. People with less experience might get close to $40,000.

Where is it possible to learn about graphic design online?

You can learn about graphic design online by enrolling on an online course. Many are run by vocational colleges nowadays. You can also learn more about graphic design by visiting forums and reading blogs.

How can I find freelance graphic design jobs in Ottawa?

You can find freelance graphic design jobs in Ottawa by going to workopolis or searching job sites to find any ads posted regarding freelance graphic work in Ottawa. You could also contact graphic design companies.

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