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If this is indoor latex and "Not" acrylic, you could simply use a wet sponge or a nonmetallic, relatively smooth edged scrapping implement and a little elbow grease. If you are not able to apply either of those techniques then try this. Latex paint is entirely water soluble, or dissolves easily in water and thus is really only useful on indoor applications. Put a stopper in the drain. Run hot water to above the level of the spilled paint while adding a mild, nonabrasive solvent such as any dishsoap to the water.... lets say 1/3 cup. Let sit for about 15 minutes. Whatever paint remains will easily wipe clean with a sponge either under the water or when water is drained. Matthew David Black

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2005-09-30 20:59:33
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Q: How do you clean a dry latex paint spill from the bathtub?
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How many gallons of paint to paint 1800 square feet?

Common gallons of paint cover approximately 400 square feet. 1800 divided by 400 is 4.5. That is 4 and one half gallons or I would buy 5 gallons in case I lose some when I clean up or if there is a spill.

How do you remove latex stain from concrete?

Wipe up as much of the spill as possible using old towels or newspaper. Mix detergent and water. Use a scoop of detergent per gallon of water.Scrub the area with the soapy water mixture and a soft bristled brush or a cloth. Rinse the area well with clean water and allow it to dry. Scrape away as much of the paint as will readily come off with a paint scraper or razor blade. Apply paint stripper or acetone with a brush per the manufacturer's instructions. Scrape away the remaining paint using the help of the paint stripper or acetone to soften it. Allow the area to dry and dispose of any residual bits of paint.

Can turpentine be used as a paint remover?

i am like 95% sure that is a yesA Bit of ClarificationIf the paint you are removing is oil based, still wet and it is on your brushes or in a small drip or spill, the answer is 100% yes.If the paint is water based (latex, acrylic, emulsion etc.), still wet and is on your brushes or in a small drip or spill, then the answer is no. You are better using soap and water for the brushes and small spill and a damp cloth for the drip.If the paint is dry (oil or water based) your best bet for spills, drips etc. is to peel or scrape small amounts and sand (where possible) large areas.As for old dried paint in a brush, if the brush is worth the effort, get a good commercial paint brush cleaner/restorer and give it a go.Otherwise, replace it with the best quality brush you can afford (particularly if you are a painting professional) and learn the correct manner of cleaning and maintaining.

How do you remove an acrylic paint spill from a pine floor?

Scrub it with soapy water, mop it up, keep repeating this and it will come off.

How do you get paint out of the carpet?

If the paint has not dried, scrape up as much as possible, then use either water for latex or mineral spirits for oil on a rag to rinse the surface and remove the remaining paint. Blot up the spot as much as possible, then clean the area with a carpet cleaner if needed to remove any residue. For dried water based paints, use a paint remover like Goof-off or Oops, available at most home or paint stores. Dried oil based requires either lacquer thinner or acetone. Be sure to check for color fastness in a hidden area first, then apply the solvent to the stain. Scrape away as much as possible with a plastic putty knife, then nlot the surface with a rag until the paint has been removed. Once the stain has been removed, rent a commercial carpet cleaner to remove the residue left behind. That should remove most of the stain, and if your lucky, not leave any evidence of the spill

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What is theDifference between oil paint and latex?

I don't know... seriously. But I think oil paint is more non-sticky and the texture is like oil unlike latex. oil paint is usually more durable and can be washed to get stains off. oil paint takes a good 18 hours to really dry .the smell is not good for you and even worse is the paint thinner you use to clean up. if you should spill some on the rug you'll be high as a kite trying to get it off with paint thinner. latex needs to be repainted sooner than oil but that is really the only draw back to it. you can get odor free latex, it drys to the touch in an hour (cured in 12 hours) painting tools clean up with water if you spill some on a rug can be cleaned up if you see it as soon as it spills apples and oranges I've used both.

How do you get latex paint spill off exterior of car?

If you have a newer car with an upscale paint job, be very careful before trying to remove any paint splashes. You can't tell if paint is truly latex without doing an acetone test. Try clay bar gently

How do people clean up an oil spill?

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What can you do about oil spill?

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What can you do about an oil spill?

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How can you clean up spilled polyurethane?

How you can best clean up spilled polyurethane will depend on where it is spilled. If it is spilled on a laminate floor, rags dampened in mineral spirits will work well. If the spill is on concrete, paint thinner will clean it up.

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How to Clean a Latex Mattress?

A latex mattress can be valuable for many homeowners. It is waterproof, allowing for easy cleanup after a liquid spill. While most spills are easy to clean, some liquids can result in staining or a bad odor. To clean stains and prevent odor, use a baking soda and warm water solution. Mix 1 part baking soda to 5 parts warm water, and stir. Apply this solution across a latex mattress, allowing it to remain on stains for several minutes. Using a soft brush or rag, clean the stained areas using a clockwise motion. Make sure to rinse the latex mattress with water after cleaning.

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