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You get something to draw with and something to draw on and DRAW

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Q: How do you draw a diagram showing the motion of a satellite around earth label the forces acting on the satellite is the satellite accelerating?
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What do you call a diagram showing all forces acting on an object?

Free Body Diagram

When an object will continue accelerating?

An object will continue accelerating as long as there is a force acting on it. (Newton's Second Law)

How the station keeping in satellite communication?

It is a method of periodically accelerating the satellite in the opposite direction against the forces acting on the body of the satellite like gravitational forces, eddy currents etc. in order to maintain the correct orientation of satellite in space and maintaining its orbit. The two most common methods employed to keep the satellite stable in orbit are: spin stabilization and three axes body stabilization.

What does it mean when the net force acting on an object is zero?

The object is not accelerating.

If the force acting upon an object are balanced then the object Amust not be moving Bmust be miving with constant velocity Cmust not be accelerating Dnone of these?

If the force acting upon an object are balanced then the object must not be accelerating

What does showing off means?

acting diffrent or showing off a move

If a nonzero net force is acting on an object then the object is definitely?

... is definitely accelerating.

Can you say that there are no forces acting on your body in space?

No; gravity will continue acting on your body. If there was no force acting on your body while in space (let's say an orbiting satellite), the satellite would fly out of Earth's orbit and just wander off forever, but that doesn't happen - so gravity has to be acting on the satellite and your body as well!

How can an object have forces acting on it but not be accelerating?

If forces are acting on it in opposite directions. For example, a book sitting on a desk has gravity acting on it, but it has the desk holding it up. No accelleration.

If an object is accelerating it must have what force acting on it?

Any unbalanced force, but there must be a force.

What is the centripetal force acting on a satellite in orbit?

The force of gravity.

What does the term balance mean?

If you add up all the forces acting on an object, they are balanced if they equal zero. (They cancel each other out). If the forces acting on a object are balanced, then the acceleration of that object is zero. It may still be moving, but it is not accelerating. An object that is not accelerating, (the sum of the forces acting on it is zero), is in equilibrium.

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