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To get the bullet on Mario Kart Wii,you have to get in 12th place,that's when you will get the really fast shroom,the bullet,and other items that help you.You do the same in Mario Kart DS.But,Mario Kart DS doesn't have the really fast shroom.I would prefer not to do this when you are doing the Grand Prixs.

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Q: How do you get infinitd bullet and other items by witch buttons to push for Mario kart wii and ds?
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How do you unlock infinite items on super Mario galaxy?

If there's a bomb or bullet in that place,then you can try that.

How do you hold items behind you on Mario kart wii?

if your playing with just the wiimot you hold any one of the d pad buttons

Where can you find buttons on clothing items?

On shirts

What are the items in Mario kart 7?

In Mario Kart 7 there are spiny shells, red shells, green shells, BOB-OMBS, bananas, bloopers, mushrooms, Bullet-Bills, Super Stars, lightning bolt, and golden mushrooms. The new items are fire flowers, super leafs, and lucky 7.

How do you get Mario items on Animal Crossing ds?

Mostly to get Mario items is to get them from shooting down presents.

How do you get Mario items?

Touch them.

What dot or other symbol are used to separate two items?


What is the difference between Mario Construter Forever and Mario Worker?

Mario Construter Forever has a lots of items then Mario Worker

How do you get a star on Mario kart wii?

Usually you can get items like the Star and Bullet Bill if your in later places like 10th or so. Hint: You get better items in later places. First place gets you a fake item, bananas or shells while last place can get you a star, bullet, king mushroom, big mushroom ect. Personally when I'm going for items I go to 6th place which could get a star some king mushroom or a big mushroom.

What items are in Mario Kart DS?

Banana Triple BananaRed ShellGreen SHellTripple Green ShellTripple Red ShellSpiny(Blue) ShellMushroomTriple MushroomBlooper(squid like creature)StarLighteningBoo(Ghost)Bullet Bill(Giant Bullet creature)Fake Item BoxBob-omb(Bomb creature)Golden Mushroom

How do you get a bullet on Mario Kart Wii?

Be in 7th-12th place. A Bullet Bill will not always come. You're also likely to get Stars, Single or Triple Mushrooms, Single or Triple Red Shells, Golden Mushrooms, Blue Shells and Lightning. Weaker items will pop up every once in a while. The reason why or how is unknown.

How do you use the item in tekken 6?

to use items combine 3 buttons together

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