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Baby oil.

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Q: How do you get rid of oil pastel on plastic?
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How do you get rid of mr ronkowski?

Hide all the pastel clothing...

What is oil pastel used for?

for art

Is a oil pastel a mixture or a substance?

It is a mixture.

Is Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin's 'Reading Woman with Child' painting a pastel or oil painting?

It is a pastel.

Will castor oil on your stomach wrapped in plastic and use a heating pad get rid of adhesions?

Definitly not.

In what media did Mary Cassatt work?

Oil and pastel.

Is 'The Tub by Edgar Degas an oil painting?

No, it is a pastel.

Do you need special paper for oil pastel crayons?

Yes, oil pastel can be used on any paper except for photo paper which has a smooth surface on it, like a poster board on the smooth side. Use pastel paper or thick paper (thicker the better) anything that has a nice surface on top. Thin paper tears from blending depending on how much you blend and oil sometimes bleed through the paper from the pastel.

What technique did Degas use?

Oil paint, pastel, graphics, sculpture.

What were the 2 arts of Mary Cassatt?

She did oil paintings and pastel drawings.

What is the chemical properties of oil pastel?

FFA (free fatty acids)

How do you make sgraffito?

To create sgraffito, first draw your picture or pattern in pencil or oil pastel. Then cover the whole page in black oil pastel. Scratch at the black pastel with a lancet or other sharp tool to reveal the picture beneath. Another tool that may come in useful for removing the black pastel is the 'wrong end' of a paintbrush. This is the method I usually use and it is very effective.