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If there is no damage to the apartment then the Manager must give you back your security deposit. If he hasn't then see a lawyer or go to the Landlord/Tenants building and complain. Good luck Marcy

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2005-11-15 10:17:12
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Q: How do you get your security deposit back after moving out of an apartment?
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How long should it take before you get your deposit back after moving out of an apartment?

the deposite is always in the reach of the manger of an apartment property

Do you get a security deposit back if you don't give a thirty day notice as per the lease you signed?

If a tenant does not give you a thirty day written notice per lease that they are moving out are they due back their security deposit?

If a tenant changes her mind 3 days before moving in is she entitled to her security deposit back?

No. You can keep the security deposit because you could not seek another renter while you were holding it for her.

Do you have to return a security deposit by mail?

As long as you get your security deposit back, it doesn't matter how he gives it back to you.

Can you get back your whole security deposit if you cancel the lease 2 weeks before you take possession of the apartment?

Only if the landlord rents it to someone else.

Will you receive your full security deposit back?

security deposit from what? try asking again but more detailed

Can you break your lease?

You can, but you will probably not get back your security deposit.

In California can you get your security deposit back without a receipt?

yes you can

Can you break your apt lease?

You can, but you will probably not get back your security deposit.

How long does a landlord have to return a security deposit in CA?

He landlord has 21calender days from the time to you vacate, to give you an accounting or your security deposit back. If the are outside the 21time days they forfeit all rights to your security deposit.

How are security deposits refunded when one of the tenants remains at the apartment and the other is moving out?

usually the security is refunded at the end of the lease term. If one tenant moves out before the end of the lease, he'll have to wait until the end to get his security back. If the lease is up and one tenant moves out and the other one stays, the initial security payment should be refunded then and the tenant who stays should sign a new lease and put up a new security deposit.

What if the new landlord tells you to find the old landlord to get back security deposit?

A new landlord has to have received the security deposit from the old landlord during the process of the closure of the sale of the property. The new landlord is responsible for that security deposit.

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