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Get the can of spray paint and point it towards your hair then spray. You don't put spray paint in your hair!!! The poisons can kill you!!!

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Q: How do you put spray paint in your hair?
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What can you do for crazy hair day?

if you have long hair you can put a bottle on your head and tie your hair on top of it and spray paint it

What will happen if you put spray paint on wax?

It beads up and doesn't dry. It you touch it it will wipe off. It may leave a faint stain, but it won't show up strongly. If you put wax on spray paint then it will make it hard to remove the spray paint and it will also make the spray paint look glossier.

How do you have fantastic hair?

put hair spray in it to give it volume.

How do you put grips on your scooter?

You pull the old ones off, spray hair spray in the new ones and then put them on. This is coz the hair spray is slippery when you spray it, and it sticks when it dries. Tay page!! ;P

What type of paint and brush do you use to paint a hair-on-cowhide rug?

If it is necessary to paint a hair-on cowhide rug, use spray paint for fabric. If latex or oil paint is used it will make the rug stiff and sticky.

How do you color my hair?

Go to the Salon/Barber shop, and say, "Can you color my hair?". That's how you color your hair. Another way is to get spray paint and spray your hair! Well I've told you all I know:)

Can hair spray be used as a sealant on spray paint?

if you are that ghetto, yes. I would recomend a clear spray sealant though. Thay are not too expensive.

What would a guy put in his hair?

A guy would put some hair conditioning in his hair. OH YEAH!And hair spray.

Mold on paint?

put some bleach in a spray bottle and spray the area it will come right off.

How do you spray paint a lacrosse tick?

put a plastic bag over the part you catch with the simply spray it

How do you spray paint a bike?

you take the paint and put it on the end of the bike first and work your way up !

How do you get red sharpie out of blond hair?

Simple you don't put sharpie in you hair you dye it.