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easiest way to reset the car is to pull the battery cable and let it sit for 20 minutes of so. This removes all volatile stored data from the engine management system. Make sure you write down any radio codes beforehand.

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Q: How do you reset the electrical system in a Honda Prelude?
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How do you reset the computer on a 1991 Honda Accord?

I think you just have to disconnect the battery for 5 minutes or so.

How do you reset the computer on a 1994 Ford Ranger?

As this should be an OBD1 system, removing the fuse or the positive battery cable for 10 minutes should reset the computer.

Something activated the Immobilizer Anti Theft System on my 2002 Honda Accord and now I can't start engine please help.?

Put the key in the drivers side door lock and turn it to the unlocked position. Next turn it to the locked position and then back to the unlocked position. The system should now be reset. Start the car and allow it to run for at least 10 minutes.

Reset 99 dodge truck check engine light?

Usually you can just remove the battery cables from the battery for a few minutes to reset the system. I think some do require a scan tool to reset, but I don't feel this is your case. But the CEL will come back on if the problem is still present. Once the codes are cleared, the system resets and the IM monitors are reset. Meaning they will relearn after so many starts and different driving conditions. The period between the majority of the IM monitors being reset (3 out of 5 or something like that) and when the code reappears, if it is a stored fault, is the period when a vehicle can be inspected w/o the CEL being a factor.

How do you deactivate an anti-theft system on my 1996 Chevy cavalier the fuse does not do anything with the theft system light on the car will not start this is factory?

Remove the fuse. smokingallowed say's: Removing the fuse will only erase the memory from the computer,and it will have to relearn what it should know. It will not reset the theft system. Here's how to reset the theft system. Roll the window down,(if power windows,turn the key off again)reach thru the window and try to start the car. When it don't start just leave the key on for around 20 minuets or so. If you dont leave it on long enough you will have to go through this waiting period again, but 20 mins. should do the trick. Then turn the key off for about 30 seconds, then start the car. P.S. Dont do anything electrical,like, push the brakes,open the door,mess with the radio. Just reach through the window to turn the key. I own three z24's... 97'97'99...On 2 of them('97 & '99) the theft system light will flash when it is activated and stop flasing after 20 mins. when it is reset, but the 3rd car('97) theft system light will not flash, just be lit and go off after the car is started.

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How do you reset the brakelamp light on the dashboard - Honda prelude 1991?

reset the brakelamp light on the dashboard - Honda prelude 1991

How do you reset an alarm on Honda Prelude?

More information is needed on it a stock Honda alarm? What year (or generation) Prelude is it for?

How do you reset the anti lock system on a 2004 Honda Civic?

Must be reset with a computer at a Honda dealer.

How do you reset the alarm system on a 2005 Honda civic?

To reset an alarm system on a 2005 Honda Civic locate the brain. The brain should have a reset button located on it. Press it to reset the alarm.

Where is the reset button on the security system in a Honda Accord 2000?

There is no reset button.

How do you reset the immobilizer system on a Honda Civic 2005?


How do you reset the service light of a 2000 Honda Accord?

Under the hood on the drivers side, there is a main electrical box. There should be a reset botton there.

How do you reset the factory installed audio system in a 1990 Honda Accord EX?

check with the dealer for the reset codes.

How do you reset a navigation system on a 2007 honda odyssey?

how do i get a code for my 2007 honda odyssey 2007 if i have the serial for the radio

How do you reset the anti-theft system on a 1996 Honda Accord?

Reset the battery by removing the cables and reattaching to the terminals - simple

How to reset clock on 2005 Honda Accord?

how do you reset the clock on a 2005 Honda accord how do you reset the clock on a 2005 Honda accord

How do you reset a zte prelude?

To hard reset a ZTE prelude, go to settings and tap the "backup and reset" option. Select the "Factory data reset" icon and confirm the action. A hard reset will erase all the personal user data such as contacts.

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