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there is no temperary fix

ensure that the pcv valve is not clogged up or that the rubber connector is not broken. if the crankcase is under a vacuum it will go a long ways to reducing external leaks.

i have been an auto mechanic for 26 years and i have countless seals replaced only to have the new seals leak as well it is imperative that you make sure it is not overfilled on the dipstick and that the pcv valve {positive crakcase ventilation} is functioning properly. there may be an accumalation of gunk in the hose, valve or fitting that restrict the vacuum from the intake mainfold. when there is excessive blowby from the piston rings it may require the fitment of a higher flow rate valve. if there is vacuum in the crankcase how can it leak oil out. only if presure is building up can it leak out. a rear seal is not a pressure seal it only stops the splash.

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Q: How do you temporarily fix the rear main crankshaft oil seal as the manufacturer quoted 700 dollars to fix on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee?
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