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Kudzu is one of the 4 fastest growing plants on the planet. Including bamboo, kelp and corn, kudzu can grow up to 1 foot (12 inches) a day. Kelp is faster, at 2 feet.

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Q: How fast does kudzu grow?
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How much does the kudzu plant grow a day?

a foot

Do vines grow on houses?

Vines can grow on houses, particularly ivy or kudzu.

Where would a kudzu grow?

it would grow in warm places like maybe the dessert.

What is a fast growing vine in the southern US?

The answer is Kudzu, if you are doing the big crossword.

How big is a seed packet for the kudzu?

Please tell me you're not trying to grow kudzu on purpose. If you are located in the United States, there is a ban in most all states from any type of kudzu propagation be it commercially or privately. (from Greenwood Nursery)

Does the kudzu grow in other countries?

Kudzu needs water and the southwest is too dry. It is a very invasive plant and many are trying to stop its spread.

How do people interact with Kudzu?

Mainly by trying to chop, mow, and spray the stuff. Kudzu is a very fast growing plant that will overgrow a forest and smother the trees. A severe nuisance plant.

What would happen when the most invasive plant grows in the forest?

Eventually invasive plants crowd out other plants. An example of this is kudzu. Even with harsh chemicals, it can take 15 years to get rid of a patch of kudzu. Two known herbicides even make kudzu grow faster!

What is in a kudzu plant cell?

isoprene is in a kudzu cell

How long does it take plants to grow ten inches?

Bamboo can grow as much as 48 inches overnight. Kudzu grows a foot a day and 60 feet in a season.

What organisms eat kudzu vine?

what eats kudzu? Well the platasid eats the kudzu that is its natural habitat but in the U.S. bunnies and cows eat it

Where can kudzu be found today?

Kudzu can be found in Japan and Asia.