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5 or 10 secounds

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Q: How long can you survive with no heart?
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How long can the Heart organ survive out of the body?

the heart can survives 4-5 hours out of the body

How long can you survive with heart cancer?

heart cancer is a rare disease and is very rare to survive from it. In a rare case like heart cancer, you would be very lucky to survive 12-24 months and if not 6-12 months. Heart cancer is like any other cancer, which is very hard to remove. Heart cancer can kill you just like a sudden heart attack.

How long can someone survive if their heart is being pumped by hand?

until the hand gets tired

How long did the person who received the first heart transplant survive?

He died 18 DAYS later!!

How long did the person who received this heart survive?

5 hours and a surgeon called Christiaan Bernard

How long can a person survive with heart disease?

So long as the person follows their doctor's orders, they can live for years. Heart disease isn't the death sentence it was years ago!

How long can the human heart survive without oxygen?

They can probably last 2 or 3 seconds. actually the heart continues to beat for several minutes

Can a person survive without heart but with brain?

no the brain needs the oxygen from the blood fromt the heart to survive

Can a baby survive with only 2 chambers of the heart?

yes a baby can survive with two chambers of a heart

Why people have a heart?

to survive

Can you survive without the endocrine system?

Probably, for about a minute or so. Or however long it takes for the heart and brain to become necrotic.

Could you survive without a heart?

no you can not survive without a heart because the heart pumps blood to the rest of your body and without the heart there would be no blood flowing through your body so you would be dead. So no you can not survive without the heart

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