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They have been around since 1903.

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Q: How long did it take to make the first Crayola crayons?
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How does Crayola know how many crayons to make?

Buy experiments and Crayons were creted by franchicise molonieces

When did Crayola make colored pencils?

They still do, but they started making them in 1987, long after the company launched their coloured crayons range.

What is used to make Crayola Crayons?

Hot wax and colored pigment.

How many Crayola crayons per day are made?

Crayola makes 2,400 crayons in a batch, and each of its machines can make up to 230,000, all of the same color, in an eight-hour shift (info from wiki answers) thanks

How long does it take to make crayons?

how long does it take to make a crayons

Is all Crayola products made from washable materials?

No, some are made from real things such as wax to make their crayons and paper to make the wrapper. But then again, most crayons are made from washable materials and only some are not.

What kind of drawing utensil does the Crayola company make?

Crayola make all sorts of drawing utensils from crayons, pencils, colouring pencils, pens and felt tips. They are principally designed for use by children rather than adults.

Are crayons bad for the environment?

According to the Crayola website:"Crayola is the manufacturer of high quality creative experience products marketed primarily under the Crayola and Silly Putty brand names."Crayola is continually evaluating opportunities to make our products environmentally friendly. We currently take steps to address environmental health and safety issues by reducing, reusing and recycling our materials. For example, at least 90% of Crayola Crayon packaging is made from recycled cardboard and nearly all Crayola product packaging is made of recyclable materials. For years, Crayola has remelted crayons that do not meet our high quality molding standards and reused the wax. All Crayola facilities comply with local and federal clean air standards."For more information about recycling efforts and how Crayola works to keep the environment green, see Related Links, below.

Where did they invented the crayons?

Crayons were made in the United States of America. i know this because i had to do a report on an invention made in the USA, so i did the crayon. They were invented by Edwinn Binny and his cousin C. Harold Smith. They also teamed up to make the crayon company Crayola.

What is the crayola slogan?

Crayola-make play.

How do you make army men?

There are machines called Melt'n'Mold Factory, by Crayola, or the Plastic Melting Machine, by Ronco, that are used to create new toys from old plastic ones, or from crayons. One of the molds that can be used for these machines, are the army men molds.

Is it possible to make crayons by hand?