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I personally do not have my cartilage pierced but most places do a piercing for free you pay the cost of the jewlery. My friend got hers done at piercing podoga and she payed $8.49, which is fairly cheap. I imagine it might cost more at a Tattoo and Piercing place but your better off going there just because piercing guns aren't actually too great for your ears.

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Horrible idea! Do research on needles v guns and you'll see why! Guns are loaded with germs and do tons of trauma to your ear! Go to a professional because they have more education and knowledge of piercings. Needles are faster than guns and much safer in the long run! Not to mention that Walmart jewelry isn't a very good quality and cant be sterilized like a pro's jewelry, which is autoclaved just like surgical tools in a hospital.

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A basic ear stud can cost 9 bucks or more, sold in pairs. But keep in mind you are buying questionable material.

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Q: How much money is cartilage piercings cost?
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It depends what earring you pick. Mines cost 45$

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mine cost $40

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Ear piercings can cost anywhere from $10 an ear to $30 and ear. Cartilage piercings range from $25 to $45 an ear.Well i went to Claire's accessories and you can get your ears pierced for free as long as you buy a pair of their earring like i got the top of my ear pierced and you don't have to have anyone with you like an adult because i am 14 and they didn't ask me to fill out anything maybe it's only in Georgia.hope i helped somebody

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