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draw internal leaf

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Q: How to draw the internal structure of a leaf?
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The internal leaf structure of C-4 plants?

what is the name of the light trapping substance in the leaf

Drawing of the label the external part of a leaf?

at the external layer is the lamina which is the flat leaf. there is also the network of veins which provides the minerals.furthermore is the petiole which holds the leaf the the main branch.lastly is the cuticle which prevents excessive loss of water of the plant. this is the internal structure of the leaf courtesy from HI

What is power mosfetdraw internal structure of a typical power mosfet device?

draw interstructure of a typical powerMOSFET device (semiconductor structure)

Enumerate the internal parts of a leaf?

What are the internal parts of leaf

How can the external and cellular structure of a leaf assist in carrying out the function of photosynthesis?

the internal make up of a leaf isn't really complex the chloroplast is the main component in photosynthesis because it captures sunlight.

What is an internal structure and an external structure?

Internal and external? 4real

What is the leaf structures?

The structure of a leaf is skeletal

What do you call the leaf like structure of the seed?

the leaf like structure of a seed is embryo

Why is the leaf structure unable to perform the function of the tuber cell efficiently?

Because the leaf structure do not have the ability to store the starch molecules

Is a leaf external or internal?

Leaf is an external organ of the plant

How does leaf structure affect foliar fertilization?

The cuticular and the stomatal level of the leaf structure affects foliar fertilization.

Does the internal structure of the pituitary resemble that of the brain?

yes the internal structure of brain resemble to brain