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The idea was first produced in 1995. After a good amount of pre-production (about 2 years) to ensure that the movie would sell once it made it to theaters, it took them 6 months to make the claymation characters. To put it in perspective:

It took the animators an entire day to shoot 36 frames (which is just 1-1/2 seconds of film).

The final movie is about 77 minutes long and has 110,880 frames.

Filming began almost two years before the movie's release.

At times, 28 teams of six animators were shooting at the same time.

And no, it did not take 10 minutes.

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Chicken Run is a stop motion animated movie.

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chicken run was made using stop-motion animation, which is where you take millions of photos of models, each one moved slightly after every photo, then play the photos very quickly in order.

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2 years 

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Q: How was chicken run made?
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