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It is in Mr. Krabs' back pocket.

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Q: I cannot find Mr.Krab's Nickel in SpongeBob SquarePants the yellow avenger?
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Where is mr.krabs lucky nickel in spongebob the yellow avenger?

The information that you are searching for is currently unknown on this question. You can try searching again, and reword your question differently, or find Mr. Krab's nickel on your own in the game.

Where is mr krabs nickel?

Well Mr.Krabs was having a huge fit and was getting mad at spongebob. He thought that sometime Spongebob was in his office and stole his lucky dime. But I think that Spongebob got into Mr.Krabs pants sometime and was playing around with Mr.Karbs the night before and put it in there.

Where do you get mr.krab's dime from in spongebob yellow avenger?

mr krabs nickel is just before rock bottom, go there by foot but just before u will come to a croos road, go left and carry on straight eventully u will come to a wall , next to it will be a green power pad, click o on it and press buttons shown on screen, it will zoom u up in the air and u will land next u 2 mr krabs nickel. hope this helps, need any more answer post them i will answer i have nearly completed it.

Where is mr crabs lucky nickel on sponge bob the yellow avenger?

exit rock bottom without using the bus stop then go to that guy with the three bubbles and take a right

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