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Not unless he or she signed the new lease.

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Q: If a new lease is signed on an apartment after a year is the original cosigner responsible for the new lease?
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If you cosigned on a year lease on an apartment for your son can the apartment hold you responsible when the lease is up if he doesn't pay his rent?

Yes, because you co-signed you signed a contract stating that you will guarantee that funds are paid if he cannot. The apartment complex can actually sue both of you because of the legal and binding contract that you both signed. We have to be very careful when we put our names and credit at risk for those we love.

What if you cosigned for an apartment and the lease was broken?

You are legally bound to the lease and the obligations of the original contract as if it were your lease. You can take the person that you co-signed for to court for reimbursement.

Can apartment raise rent during my lease?

if it says in your lease that they can - did you read it before you signed it ??

Can a 17 year old rent an apartment with a cosigner?

when I moved into my first apartment one of our roommates was 17 and we were told we could do 1 of 2 things... Have someone else co-sign until she turned 18 then have her take their place on the lease, or have her parents legally sign over guardianship of her to us and she would be a dependent living with us until she turned 18 and we would then put her on the lease. in the end, her mom co-signed and she took her place 3 months later when she turned 18.

How can you get out of a lease that you signed?

Move out of the apartment, let them keep your deposit. Or you can, with the landlord's permission, assign the lease to someone else to take over.

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What responsibility does a cosigner on an apartment lease have?

a cosigner is a person who is responsible for the rest of the rent that you don't pay if u get evicted the person who signed as a cosigner will have to go to court

If a car was voluntary repossessed and the cosigner was not notified is the cosigner still responsible?

Yes. If you signed the loan, you are still legally responsible for it.

How do you know if you are a cosigner or co owner?

A "Cosigner" is a "Co-owner." Cobuyers and buyers are equally responsible for the note they signed.

If someone cosigned a lease to your apartment can they take their name off the lease even if you have been paying the payments?

No. Once a cosigner has signed the contract the only way they can be removed from the responsibility is a new agreement being made without the assistance of the original cosigner.

If you are a cosigner for someone and they default on the payments and the cosigner pays the debt off can you have the past due amount removed from your credit report?

No, you signed, you are equally responsible for the payments, you are also equally responsible for what happens with regard to default. This is why the lender permitted you to sign as a co-securer of the original loan.

Are you legally responsible to pay back the cosigner who signed for you on a rental lease?

No not unless you have an agreement that you had to pay the rent.

If you gave a charged off car back to the cosigner would I be responsible for what they do with it?

Yes. You signed the loan agreement, so you are liable.

How can a cosigner get out of a bad personal loan left to him?

The best and the easiest way to get out of a loan is to PAY IT OFF ! You signed that you would be responsible for the debt !!!!!!

Can cosigner change his mind after signing the contract?

No. Once you have signed you are responsible for making sure the loan is paid. (An exception would be contracts signed at your home which have a right of rescission built in.)

If a borrower signed a loan for a cosigner is there a way the loan can be changed into the cosigner's name without refinancing?


What are cosigner rights in California?

Unless your name is on the vehicle or you reside in the apartment in which you co-signed, you have no rights in the state of California. If your name is on the car or home, then you can take possession and pay the note.

Is the buyer still responsible for buying a vehicle if the cosigner refuses to sign?

The primary borrower is always responsible for the debt if he or she has signed a valid lending agreement. It would seem logical that if the lender required the primary to have a cosigner and the named person refused to take on that responsibility then the transaction would not occur.

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